School Brief

The School of Foreign Languages, Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology was founded in June of 2006. Aimed at ensuring success and enhanced development for all students, the school is striving to grow stronger by virtue of reform and innovation. Furthermore, the school enhances student development by attaching importance to righteous characters, solid academic foundation, excellent practical abilities and distinctive skill advantages of students. Being enterprising and self-reliant, the school takes a truth-seeking and practical approach. We foster devotion to work and love for our students. We encourage the students to have wide-ranging knowledge and independent thinking. With the joint efforts of the faculty and students, the school has exerted considerable influence and is ranked among the top institutions of the same kind in Guangdong as well as in China in terms of discipline, specialty development and education.

There are two Foreign Language specialties in our school, English and Japanese. Thanks to intensive cooperation with foreign institutions and extensive international exchanges, we have managed to integrate and make good use of excellent educational resources at home and abroad. We are committed to training high-level application-oriented professionals that have strong foreign language competence and a good command of specialized knowledge and skills. The students shall be able to undertake jobs of organizing, planning and management in specialized fields and have a broad international vision and strong competitiveness in the job market. Since 2013, there are four programs for the English majors, including exhibition and international marketing, international business and trade, sports and leisure management and English education; and two programs for the Japanese majors, including international trade and economics and Japanese translation and interpreting. Currently there are about one thousand students in our school. In addition, the school also takes charge of the English teaching for 18,000 non-English majors.

The School boasts a well-structured team of senior, middle-aged and young, full-time and part-time, local and foreign, teaching and researching members. Currently, we have 52 full-time staff members, 43 part-time teachers and 15 foreign teachers. Among the 42 full-time teachers, there are three professors, two associate professors and 32 lecturers. The faculty has won many honors for our school, including, the only “Guangdong Accomplished Teacher” from a self-governed “independent college” in the province, the first in our college to win the title of “Outstanding Private College Teacher of Guangdong”, the first PhD introduced under the “100 Talents Program” in our college, the first doctoral candidate with a CSC Scholarship (China Scholarship Council), as well as several winners of teaching contests for young teachers both in our college and of provincial level. In the recent six years, our faculty members have undertaken a number of national and provincial research programs, two programs under our college’s Key Disciplines Initiatives, one High-quality Course and nearly 100 college-level research programs. Over 100 papers have been published and several collections of textbooks have been compiled by our teachers.

The school has various teaching facilities and well-equipped training rooms. Inside a 7000m2 classroom building of its own, there are nine language laboratories and one simultaneous interpretation room, providing good conditions for small-class teaching. Moreover, the School is also the official test center for CET4 (College English Test), CET8, CJT4 (College Japanese Test), CJT6 as well as TEM4 (Test for English Major), TEM8, TJM4 (Test for Japanese Major) and TJM8.

Hard work and strong dedication have won us beneficial rewards. Since its establishment, the school has achieved for four consecutive years, 100% employment rate of its graduates. Our graduates have gained employment in foreign affairs, foreign trade, education, banking, auto parts, logistics, tourism, media and other leading industry areas. Furthermore, we have graduates who have established their own businesses in the fields of services, jewelry, clothing and other fields. Approximately 20 students went to renowned universities at home and abroad to pursue their postgraduate and doctoral degrees.